Software for Health & Safety and HR

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The Data-day Revolution

There is only one way to successfully manage Human Resources and Health and Safety data and that's to put it all in one place!

You probably have most of the information you already need to run an efficient ship, but you probably don't have it all where you need it or linked together the way you know it could be!

Integrator is here to do just what you always knew should be done. All your HR and Health and Safety records can be linked together so you can use the information to get proactive and spend your time making your workplace a healthier and happier one!


Why should you have to deal with data that isn't integrated!

  • Health and Safety and Human Resources
  • Accidents and HSE RIDDOR Official Reporting!
  • Medical Records and Risk Assessments
  • Vehicle Management and Employee Data
  • Risk Assessments and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
  • Equipment and Usage by Employee
  • Vibration Measurements and Exposure

All integrated!

Integrator Database Software

As a modular system the Integrator software for Health & Safety can be tailored to suit your needs and budget. Take control of risk assessments, accident reports, hand-arm and whole body vibration measurements, medical records, portable appliance testing and personal protection equipment usage.

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